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Benefit from craftily curated and data-driven analysis and reporting on topics relevant to your needs and important to the Palestinian landscape

About service

Build a better understanding of what people are really concerned about and take proper action with our custom data-driven reports and media alerts service.


We follow a fail-safe method in successfully delivering daily reports and news alerts related to the Palestinian digital context

Understanding your need

Thorough meetings with the client to understand their need

Building reporting framework

Crafting the custom reporting structure based on the client's case assessment

Testing & Sampling

Working with the client in delivering demo or sample reports with real data to ensure their questions are answered in the report

Delivering & Optimizing

Ensuring the timely delivery of reports to clients and working them to always update the end product and enhance the metrics

Case study

Analyzing hate speech subjected from Israeli settlers on Twitter against Palestinians.
The word cloud shows the most words used by the settlers to express hate, anger, and violent tendencies against citizens the in the West Bank, referring to them as citizens of Yehuda & Shamron.

Key findings

Use cases

Learn from real clients’ stories how to utilize our service to your benefit

Monitoring timely events

Receive key insights and indicators of the Palestinians' interaction with events

Negative customer feedback

Learn why, when, and where are your customers mentioning you

Become a data-driven institution

Get in touch and let us investigate how your can optimize your mission with data analytics

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