Palestinian eCommerce

Everyone is selling something online and Palestine is no exception!

Through our mission to perform a thorough mapping of the Palestinian Digital Landscape and Digital Economy, we provide datasets of leading and emerging Palestinian eCommerce businesses, platforms, and marketplaces.

Dataset features

Our datasets of Palestinian eCommerce platforms are rich with tags that divide them by store classification and product categories, you can find Palestinian traditional woodwork merchants as easily as finding a Palestinian digital artist who sells t-shirts on the web.


eCommerce stores categories

Find Palestinian eCommerce businesses, platforms, and marketplaces over a variety of categories based on their offered products

Beauty & Fashion

Palestinian clothes, perfume, make-up, and all beuty and fashion related online stores

Nature & Agriculture

Palestinian agricultural and herbal supplies and traditional products online stores

Children & Childhood supplies

Provide your children with only the best clothing and child-care products

Health & Sports equipments

Learn where to go for taking good care of your body

Home & Decor

Decorate and beautify your home and do not skip on any accessory

Food & Groceries

Get your shopping list just right and have it delivered to your doorstep with ease!

Gaming & Computers

Tune your computer setup just to your need from these gaming and computer gadget Palestinian online stores

Jewelry & Accessories

Embellish your look and find the right accessory

+ and many more

Access the full dataset of leading Palestinian eCommerce platforms under all categories

Data examples

Use cases

Learn how to utilize and make use of the Palestinian eCommerce datasets

Product placement

Explore where to promote your products and give them exposure

Market trends

Track and understand trends in purchase habits for the Palestinian consumer


Find the proper partners to work with on expanding your store's brand


Utilize the structured dataset of the Palestinian digital economy in your research

Accounts platforms

The offered datasets of eCommerce platforms can include but are not limited to the following businesses' digital presence assets


Mobile apps

Facebook pages & Groups

Instagram accounts

TikTok accounts

LinkedIn profiles & Newsletters

Utilize data to your benefit

Our Palestine-specific datasets and directories are guaranteed to get you a sharper and more accurate reach

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