Digital Presence Auditing & Consultation

Measure and benchmark your online presence and get consultations on how your digital outreach can improve

About service

A thorough and comprehensive evaluation and audit of your organization’s digital assets and active online platforms

Service outline

While organizations struggle with streamlining and optimizing their digital presence, we help them spot opportunities and identify issues with their online activity in order to catch up with or outperform their industry’s average.


Use cases

Learn from real clients’ stories how to utilize our service to your benefit

Performance evaluation

Spot your Key Performance Indicators and how you are doing

Digital strategy building

Learn how you should adjust your work according to insights

Digital Media Training

Get your staff ready to digitally transform your organization and optimize your digital presence

Become a data-driven institution

Get in touch and let us investigate how your can optimize your mission with data analytics

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Let data in your workflow

Our 10+ years of experience in the field of Digital Media are dedicated to your success