Palestinian Influencers datasets

Have you been searching for Palestinian Social Media Influencers to work with? Maybe you have reached some of these influencers in a blogpost or an article, but never in a well-organized and annotated dataset.

Search no more! with our Palestinian Social Media Influencers datasets you can find the exact match fit to satisfy your needs.

Dataset features

Our datasets of Palestinian Social Media Influencers are rich with tags that divide them by content category and topics, you can find Palestinian Bloggers who talk about lifestyle as easily as finding A Palestinian artist whose specialty is painting or audio mixing.


Influencer categories

Find Palestinian Social Media Influencers on a variety of categories based on their activity interests and content topics

Beauty & Fashion

Unleash your hidden beauty by being closer to Palestinian fashion and beauty influencers and bloggers


Amp up your life and get ideas from Palestinian lifestyle content creators


Get proper guidance from Palestine's parenting experts and bloggers


Navigate the world from a unique perspective with Palestinian travel bloggers

Religion & Politics

Monitor sensitive discussion by Palestinian politicians, government officials, and religious figures


Do not miss any news with the dataset of Palestinian journalists and newspersons

Business & Finance

Excell at your career and find the right match for your business influence needs

Sports & Athletics

Get healthy and motivated with Palestinian Athletes and sports influencers

Art & performance

Immerse yourself in the unique culture and perspective of Palestinian artists


Do you have projects that reqcire singers? Reach Palestinian musicians in our dataset

+ and many more

Access and create datasets of more than 20 influencer categories available

Data example

Our Palestinian Influencers’ datasets are fully featured and packed with extensive information that we collect and regularly update to keep the dataset relevant to your needs


Posting activity




Audience reach


Female Audience


Content category


Influencer category

Use cases

Learn how to utilize and make use of the Palestinian Influencers datasets


Get help from industry-relevant influencers to reach your desired audiences


Do not waste a dime with influencers that don't tap your market!


Accelerate your work with insights from relevant audiences with ease and accuracy

Strategic outreach

Put your messages out without fear of damaging your brand from reaching wrong segments

Accounts platforms

The provided social media datasets of influencing accounts can include but are not limited to accounts on different social media platforms

Facebook pages & Groups

Telegram channels

Twitter users

Instagram accounts

YouTube channels

Tik tok accounts

*This dataset is still in the making

WhatsApp Groups

LinkedIn profiles & Newsletters

Utilize data to your benefit

Our Palestine-specific datasets and directories are guaranteed to get you a sharper and more accurate reach

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