Palestinian Influencing accounts & pages

Who influences Palestinian public opinion? To whom do Palestinians turn when in times of need? And where do critical discussions in Palestine take place? 

Find yourself a suitable dataset of Palestinian-influencing accounts from Social Studio Analytics’s directories.

Dataset features

Our datasets of Palestinian Social Media Influencers are rich with tags that divide them by content category and topics, you can find Palestinian Bloggers who talk about lifestyle as easily as finding A Palestinian artist whose specialty is painting or audio mixing.


What will you find?

Palestinian non-personal accounts that have influence on public opinion and discussion leaders from multiple categories

Government institutions

Quickly find the Palestinian West Bank or Gaza government institution, ministry, or agency

Federations & Unions

Amp up your life and get ideas from Palestinian lifestyle content creators

News outlets

Monitor the news and understand trending topics by having access to the list of official, independent, and local news outlets on various platforms

Education facilities & student coalitions

Follow leading education institutions in Palestine and their student community groups & coalitions

Bands & groups

Never skip a beat! access detailed lists of several Palestinian art groups and music bands's accounts

Humanism & Activism groups

Connect with the impact and chage makers in Palestine

Local community

Engage with closed conversations of obsecure Palestinian communities

Timely lists

Benefit from our event-specific datasets [elections, political race, seasonal events...etc]

Data example

Our Palestinian Influencing accounts’ datasets are fully featured and packed with extensive information that we collect and regularly update to keep the dataset relevant to your needs


Channel subscribers





Political activism

Content category


Average Daily Impressions per post


Average daily posts

Use cases

learn how to utilize and make use of the Palestinian Influencing accounts & pages datasets


Watch controvercial topics closely from relevant and reliable sources


Get help from industry-relevant outlets to reach accurate research samples


Broadcast messages on large scales to desired broad and niche communities


Build and access lists of accounts sensitive to your industry

Accounts platforms

The provided social media datasets of influencing accounts can include but are not limited to accounts on different social media platforms

Facebook pages & Groups

Telegram channels

Twitter users

Instagram accounts

YouTube channels

TikTok accounts

WhatsApp Groups

LinkedIn profiles & Newsletters

Utilize data to your benefit

Our Palestine-specific datasets and directories are guaranteed to get you a sharper and more accurate reach

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