Media Monitoring Service

Quickly and easily get up to date with the latest news and become part of people’s conversations around the latest trending topics

About service

We offer dashboards where you can view highly engaging news on a daily basis alongside an analysis of the general sentiment and reaction around the news


We follow a fail-safe method in successfully delivering daily reports and news alerts related to the Palestinian digital context

Watchlist preparation

Preparing and updating a watchlist of the top engaging Palestinian news sources and influencers

Data mining

Scraping Social Media data of the posts texts, comments, and interaction metrics on a daily basis

Understanding the data

Looking for patterns in the resulting datasets

Analysis & Delivery

Data analysis, visualization, and linking to the customer dashboard

Dashboard demo

The following demo and miniature dashboard exemplifies a daily news trends watch of Palestinian Social Media activity.

Key Features

*This dashboard shows data from the last 30 days by default

Use cases

Learn from real clients’ stories how to utilize our service to your benefit

Getting daily alerts

Quickly learn what has been trending among Palestinians

Data-driven research papers

Incorporate data on the online and social activity in Palestine

Adjusting communication & Marketing strategy

Get in-time relevant insights on sensitive topics for Palestinians

Hate speech detection

Analyse online discussions then detect & filter hate speech among them

Fake news tracking

Differentiate between news sources and learn who is responsible for misinformation

Become a data-driven institution

Get in touch and let us investigate how your can optimize your mission with data analytics

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