Twitter: the overlooked champion of media monitoring

“The Process of Monitoring Discussions on Twitter: A Guide for a Social Media Monitoring Agency”

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, making it an important source of customer feedback and insights for brands. As a social media monitoring agency, it’s essential to have a robust process for monitoring discussions on Twitter and creating reports on them. Here is a step-by-step guide to the process:

  1. Define the scope: The first step in the process is to define the scope of the monitoring. This involves identifying the brand, product, or industry to be monitored, as well as the time period and language(s) of the discussions.
  2. Set up monitoring tools: Next, the agency needs to set up monitoring tools that will help track mentions, hashtags, and keywords relevant to the brand or product. These tools should be able to collect data in real-time and provide accurate insights into customer feedback and opinions.
  3. Monitor discussions: With the monitoring tools set up, the agency can begin monitoring discussions on Twitter. This involves regularly checking for mentions of the brand or product, tracking hashtags and keywords, and noting any patterns or trends in customer feedback.
  4. Analyze data: The next step is to analyze the data collected from the monitoring process. This involves categorizing customer feedback and opinions, identifying key themes, and determining the overall sentiment of the discussions.
  5. Create reports: Once the data has been analyzed, the agency can create reports to present the findings to the brand. These reports should provide a comprehensive overview of the customer feedback, including key themes, sentiment analysis, and any notable trends or patterns.
  6. Provide recommendations: Based on the findings, the agency should provide recommendations to the brand on how to improve their presence on Twitter and respond to customer feedback. This can involve creating a social media strategy, responding to customer complaints, and engaging with customers through Twitter.

In conclusion, monitoring discussions on Twitter is a critical part of a social media monitoring agency’s process. By defining the scope, setting up monitoring tools, monitoring discussions, analyzing data, creating reports, and providing recommendations, the agency can help brands understand their customers’ opinions and experiences on Twitter.

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